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"According to Indian food philosophy, a well-balanced Indian meal should hit all of the following 6 different flavor notes: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy."


so, what's a "thali" after all?

In India, meals are often served on large round metal plates or platters called "thali," which contain a variety of dishes in smaller steel containers called "katori."

According to Indian food philosophy, a well-balanced Indian meal should hit all of the following 6 different flavor notes: 







Thali meals are presented on an elaborate platter and each "katori" dish, when eaten together, offer all of the above listed flavor notes. 

A thali also varies regionally across India. A typical South Indian thali will consist of a rice main in the center, surrounded most likely by smaller 'katoris' or 'bowls' of: parippu (dal), a papad (spiced lentil wafer), thoran/kootan (veggie side with coconut), pickle/achaar, rasam/pachadi, thayir (raita), main protein (seafood/meat) and payasam (sweet dessert). A typical North Indian thali will most likely have a chapati/roti/naan/puri as a main carb to go along with their distinct regional flavors represented in each katori. Most end their thalis with a simple piece of fruit or any type of mithai (Indian sweet). It's a wonderful (and beautiful) way to sample a variety of Indian dishes you wouldn't normally try (whether you are an Indian food virgin or regular Indian food indulger).

Every 1st + last Thursday of the month, OLMS will host our first-ever monthly Indian supper club experience (with a killer rooftop terrace view of the Queen City to boot) located in downtown Cincinnati. Think of it as a cross bewteen a restaurant pop-up and a fun, themed dinner party.

Each month we'll have a *distinct thali theme with (for example: "Mughlai Feast"(rich dishes fit for any maharani or maharaja), or "Indian Street Eats" (a selection of artfully displayed Indian street food favorites, or "Chai Ho!" (our version of an Indian Bollywood-ified "High Tea" with chaat eats + masala chai) or "South Indian Classics" (an ode to our beloved family home of Kerala) or "Boozy Bollywood Brunch"(kicking up Indian brekkie favorites to the next level).

*Ticket prices may vary per month (and are subject to change).

You'll also get to rub shoulders with other lovers of the spice which is always VERY NICE.

Stay tuned for more info. and keep an eye out via our social media channels for date announcements and monthly menu offerings.

Let us know if you are interested in joining the next Thali Thursdays Supper Club by emailing us at:




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