A portrait of Emperor Shah Jahan + Mumtaz Mahal.

artist: unknown

Thought I'd share some images (a mix of phone + dslr pics) of my trip to the Taj from late last year as I haven't uploaded/posted most of these yet. It was my first trip back as an adult after visiting it with my family many years ago.
 from left: my father, sister, mums, and I. 

from left: my father, sister, mums, and I. 

This incredible mausoleum dubbed 'The Crown Jewel of India' was built as a testament of love + served as a memorial to his late beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, by the grief stricken Emperor, Shah Jahan. It's such an incredible story and if you aren't familiar with the details you can read more about it here + here.  
Happy Valentine's Day, lovers! 
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