I apologize, in advance, for this lengthy post but I just feel like I need to share what is on my heart as the year draws to a close.

Looking back at the year 2016 has me filled with such extreme emotion when it comes to this little venture of mine, called Oh Little Mustard Seed.

We have achieved the unachievable, in countless ways, with a tiny seed of an idea which was planted in our hearts after a moving service at our local church at Crossroads. I knew I wanted to give back, to their global + local missions efforts, by doing something I was passionate about (which turned out to be my love for cooking + the shared table – a sure-fire recipe for success, in my book! ;P).

I am happy to say that because of YOU + YOUR support of OLMS I was able to achieve + exceed my “I’m In Campaign” goal (for all you fellow Crossroad-ers, you know what I’m talkin’ about!) before the year is even over. This is HUGE, friends, and a testament to what happens when you take a step of faith, however daunting that jump might look like for you, in to the unknown. It was a scary number (at least it was for me, in my current situation) when I first put it down on paper, because I thought to myself — “yea, right, how can you give back x amount of dollars when you can barely get by fueling this small business.” I started to listen to the crazy voice in my head that said — “well, you’re not doing xyz; or, your not doing that; or, look how successful this person is by doing xyz.” Sometimes, you have to take your eyes off the things/distractions around you, re-focus, and set your eyes on the things ahead — the things that are your calling (not live life by the world’s definition of what success looks like). Success comes in many shapes and forms and I like to celebrate each and every tiny victory, however small, because there are mountains to be cleared each and every day.

We have made lots of mistakes along the way (ok, tons) and have learned to do better, to have more grace, to pray harder, to give and give and give some more, to put our focus on Him, and not on ourselves or what others may say or think about us — to not compromise on our mission at hand. We have met some truly amazing + kind folks along the way on this journey, and have been able to participate in events across the city, which we love (like the Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic and the City Flea). I was even able to visit my extended family in India this year (through a provision that was made available to me by participating in the Cincinnati Food + Wine Classics’ Recipe + a Dream competition - thanks, P + G!!) and got some much needed food inspiration all the while experiencing our varied cultures and cuisines (which, I must say, I have taken for granted much of my life).

I still don’t know what I’m doing at times (scary) or where OLMS will take us (or where we will be in 2017), or how we even got to this point, but day-by day we are being renewed by your thoughtful comments, words of encouragement and overall awesomeness. Thank YOU.

Just remember — “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you.”

cheers to every tiny victory.

bring it, 2017!



#fightthegoodfight #passionproject #smallthingsdonewithgreatlove

illustration, above, by Joya Logue